Paolo Persiani, Italia







Paolo is Italian and lives in Verona. He approaches to tango in 2000 and he is immediately bewitched. In addition to dancing, Paolo becomes very passionate about Tango music and he start immediately to collect it eagerly. His activity as musicalizador in Northern Italy milongas begins in 2003 and has never stopped since. He is invited to events and encuentros both in Italy and abroad. His music selections are structured in a classic way in an alternation of Tango epochs, rhythms and melodies, always strongly danceable..

Francisco Saura, Spain







“Milonguero, DJ and co-organizer of the NORTESUR Marathon in Málaga. His music is playful and dynamic. He is an enthusiast who overflows with energy and does not miss the opportunity to make his animation rich and varied. He is a regular DJ in Spain and Europe. He is a lover of tango milonguero danced with rhythm and sensitivity. He prefers the orchestras of the 30’s and 40’s.”

Ricardo Peixoto, GB





People tell me that my DJing style is dynamic, energetic and 100% bailable. My aim is to play music for the dancers, to inspire an emergency cabeceo, to facilitate a nice ronda, to keep the smiles going in the end of a tanda.
I have been DJing for since 2005, and DJed in UK, Portugal, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Norway and Lithuania. Currently I am the resident DJ at La Milonga Ideal in Warwick. Strongly influenced by the Porteño way of DJing, I adapt my music to the dancefloor, and enjoy seeing the dancefloor reacting to my music. Each tanda is a chapter and each milonga a whole story, different all the time.

Céline Devèze, France

From Nice/France, Céline Devèze is one of the most popular international DJs. She has played her sets at numerous Marathons, Festivals and Encuentros all around Europe and abroad (France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Norway, Sweden, England, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, Romania, Austria, Poland, Scotland, Switzerland, Canada). Céline aims to maintain the energy on the dancefloor while nurturing the emotions of the dancers with a nuanced selection of music from the late 30s to the 50s. She is a DJ with elegance, emotion and energy !